Dragon Slaying Academy

You have this dream that life as you know it could be better than it is right now. But no matter how hard you work, the best things in life always seem to happen to someone else, but never to you.
In fact, you never seem to have enough time, energy, or money to pursue your dreams and live your best life.

Hi, I'm Alycia Christine, author, artist, and entrepreneur. Come join me on this transformative journey from wishful thinking to wish fulfilling. Together, we're going to tackle the underlying problems stealing your time, energy, money, and dreams. Along the way, you'll discover your true strength and how to battle your personal dragons, so that you can find the breakthrough you've been needing for so long. Come with me and let's slay some dragons!

Dragon Slaying Primer

Are the cares of the world making you feel like a failure? In this FREE course, we'll gut the lies holding you captive to self-doubt and help you understand how to craft a real, meaningful life for yourself.


Dragon Slaying 101 Course

Our signature course to help you tackle the underlying problems stealing your time, energy, money, and motivation to achieve your dreams. Go on this journey to transform your life from wishful thinking to wish fulfilling.



Our fantastic fiction and nonfiction books help readers explore exciting new worlds, vanquish monsters, and return home just as empowered as the heroes.


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